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When you click submit, you will receive Email #1 (registration) and Email #2 (activation). Email #1 says “Thank you for registering“. This email does not have the activation link. It just verifies your family information is in the system.



activation email Email #2 says "Your Registration is Pending Approval". (This email will be in English. I can't change that. See the picture at left.)

This email does have the "activation link". This link verifies your email address. You MUST click this link before attempting to log in, or you will see a message saying your "account is disabled". (If this happens, or if you can't find the email or activation link, email me, and I will activate your account manually.) After you click the activation link you will receive Email #3 verifying your account has been activated.


Step 3: LOG IN

Your account is activated, so you can LOG IN. Now, check the calendar and sign up for class. Hooray!!!


Let me know if you have any problems. Thank you for your patience and for being part of Family English!