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Chocochoco Sensei

Santa's helper making pizza

Hi, I’m David, “chocochoco sensei”. I grew up in Europe and the U.S. and speak English, French and Portuguese, and am making headway in Japanese :-). I have been working with kids of all ages for over 20 years, and have been living and teaching English to children and adults in Japan since 2006.

I am the happy father of a 3 year old (in 2017) girl who has given me a lot of inspiration for learning fun activities, songs, crafts, books, and so on, that I love doing with other kids as well. I love trying out new ideas, and sharing the best of traditional and non-traditional English and Japanese childhood “magic” with kids. In the classes I strive to help kids make it a part of their own special world.

In my adult life, my interests (these days) are learning japanese, math (go figure), classic movies (from all over the world), philosophy, history, …well O.K. pretty much everything!

(P. S. That’s me above, making pizza. If your kid asks, yes I am Santa Claus…in training.)


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